If I Switched Places With Rachel Zoe’s Child, Do You Think She’d Notice?

Rachel Zoe has a baby boy.

I can get around that. Baby Skyler‘s wardrobe is sick.

He isn’t even old enough to walk and has an incredibly amazing walk-in closet. What’s the rundown of everything?

According to Daily Mail, Rachel Zoe has spent an estimated $90,000 total on the nursery and wardrobe.

Oeuf crib-$914

Ooba Nest bassinet-$1,000

Wool and Cashmere Hermes blanket(s)-$1,400

Two Hermes cushions (for crib)-$1,044

Giant stuffed giraffe-$163

Silver piggy bank-$1,355

22 pairs of shoes-$3,700 (showcased on an Oeuf mini library $650)

Shoes include Hermes boots, Tod‘s loafers, Gucci‘s.

400 pieces of designer clothing-$78,000.

Clothing includes $1,160 Gucci bomber jacket.

If he’s smart, he’ll stay in the closet.

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