Where Have You Gone….Jo Calderone?

So maybe this woman wasn’t the first person to put someone’s meat on herself either…

Cover of punk rock band The Undertones, "All Wrapped Up".

But it’s just another piece of evidence to add to the ever-growing collection of ‘Is Gaga that creative?’ Which has really turned into ‘God, Gaga is annoying’.

I didn’t watch the MTV movie, music? awards. I can’t imagine anything interesting happened, but I have seen pictures of Lady Gaga…oh I’m sorry, Jo or whatever quirky name we’re going with. Is it just me, or do her/his facial expressions, and the entire concept just make you want to punch her? I have yet to listen to her entire cd because Gaga, you fell off. You’re too busy worrying about what ‘new’ thing you’re going to do when it’s been done and you should just be concerned about showcasing your talent.

Please. Get some Tim Gunn in your life because honey, you need to Make. it. work.

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