Pittsburgh Icon: Gene Kelly

They don’t make em’ like that anymore do they? “Singin’ In the Rain” is one of my favorite all time movies and Gene Kelly is one of my favorite all time men.

A Pittsburgh native, Kelly dreamt of a career as a professional athlete, but found success as a triple threat in Hollywood.

Not only was Kelly talented as an actor and singer, but is mainly known for his dancing techniques, which transformed the world of dancing and shifted the views of male dancers.

If Fred Astaire is the Cary Grant of dance, I’m the Marlon Brando.”
-Gene Kelly

Along with the package that is Gene Kelly comes fantastic style. Take the movie “Singin’ in the Rain” for example, directed by Kelly, which is regarded as the best movie musical ever made.

Walter Plunkett served as costume designer for the movie, who had to fix hairy situations like the time the filming of Cyd Charisse‘s dance number had to be stopped for several hours once it was discovered her pubic hair was visible through her costume. Once the problem was resolved, Plunkett responded,“It’s OK, guys, we’ve finally got Cyd’s crotch licked.”

The film featured Kelly in beautiful clothes including the 3-pc wool herringbone suit by Plunkett that Kelly dances in, in the signature dancing scene.

Did you know the rain falling on Kelly consisted of a mixture of milk and water so it would show up better on film? However, this caused Kelly’s suit to shrink.

(And let’s hope that’s all that shrunk, it’s seems they didn’t need anymore problems in that area if you know what I mean).

Where MJ got the socks/shoes idea from?

Sophistication, class, and distinguished style are absolutely timeless. Mr. Gene Kelly will never go out of style.

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