Peek Inside Bethenny Frankel’s Closet

Ex-Housewife of New York and funny girl Bethenny Frankel let Elle peak into her closet to view her personal style. Take a look at the amazing pieces the star of “Bethenny Ever After” (who hates shopping retail–my kinda girl) keeps in her inventory.

Top: “I bought this [Alexander McQueen clutch] on eBay after he passed away. I thought it would be a cool piece to have, and I ended up getting a deal on it.”

Bottom:“ I wouldn’t call myself a huge fashion person. I have some good pieces, but I don’t need them to be very current—and I buy them all on sale. Every single thing in that closet has been bought on sale either online or on eBay.” (Hermès bags)

“This [Chanel dress] is another consignment store find—another deal! Who do you think you’re talking to?”

“I think Jennifer Aniston would pull off this dress effortlessly.”

Oscar de la Renta gown

“The only thing I paid retail for! I went in to the store and they actually wouldn’t accept my credit card because they thought it was stolen, but it was new.”

Christian Louboutin bag

Bethenny’s beloved pup, Cookie Frankel Hoppy, has her own twitter account@cookiedabooboo. Looooove that dog, so adorable.

“This [Givenchy jacket] I bought on sale in Canada, and I haven’t even worn it yet. What do you wear it with?”

May I suggest…jeans and a simple tank. The jacket will stand out with simple pieces.

“I was wearing a dress that I bought at Zara [when I met my husband] and had it tailored for $100. I remember Robert Verdi saw it and he was like, ‘Eva would love that!’ He thought it was some designer piece. I still love it, and I’ve kept it, and I keep nothing! But I met my husband in it.”

Top: “I’ve gotten amazing deals on eBay, including Cartier watches. Two Cartier watches! One from a woman who was going through a divorce and needed the cash quickly. You still can’t get it today for less than what I paid for—it was the biggest steal of all time.”

Cartier watches (left), Michele watches (right)

Bottom: “Brian Atwood shoes—I’m determined to get every color of the rainbow in the Maniac. The orange ones represent my [Skinnygirl] sangria and the green ones represent my [Skinnygirl] margarita. What’s funny is when I walked in the Red Dress Fashion Show they gave us a pair of red ones, and I gave them away! I told the publicist I was with she could have them, and I regret that because red’s my color. I’ll find them one day!”

Can you imagine giving shoes away?! What a kind woman…

“For all the events around Skinnygirl it’s always red—I have several go-to red dresses.”

Michael Kors, Valentino, and Zac Posen dresses

“These gowns? I have nowhere to go in them; I’m not invited to anything but one day, I’ll be ready. I thought if Bethenny Getting Married gets nominated for an Emmy I’d wear that red dress. But, really, I’m always in pajamas—I’ve never worn any of these. I think all these socialites are pissed off at Robert [Verdi] for giving them to me first because they actually go places, and I don’t.”

Oscar de la Renta and Zac Posen gowns

Top: Christian Louboutin shoes

Bottom:  A drawing of baby Bryn

“Want to hear a great story about this [Fendi bag]? Years ago, when I was selling pashminas out of my office, I bought it for full price and then I sold it because I had no money. But I just found it on eBay and bought it back for like, $300!”

Dolce & Gabbana shoes, Fendi bag

Jewelry finds

“This [top] is from my shapewear line—$30! My stuff is unbelievable! We sold $250,000 in six minutes on QVC. It’s crazy.”

“I used to go to Starbucks in pajamas, but I can’t do that anymore—there are always photographers outside. My new thing is if I go out I want to use some of the nice things that I have. I clean out my bag and change it everyday; I change my watches and glasses. I’m not that person who buys something new and wears it for five days. I wear it and it was great and then I give somebody else a chance.”

Chanel bag

Photos: Elle

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