30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 3: A picture of your best friend.

I have several pictures that I love of my best friend, but I decided to go with this one…

My dog Gracie around Christmas time maybe two years ago?

She’s actually my father’s dog so I only see her on occasion, but she has spent Christmas with us for a number of years now. It’s true what they say about animals. They’re always there for you (although I guess she isn’t since she doesn’t live with me…) uh what was I saying? Oh yea, they don’t judge you…although she looks at me like she is most of the time. Hm, she sucks doesn’t she?

Nooooo just kidding. I love that dog more than life (ok, maybe a bit much) and she always makes me smile. Cue the “aww” signs!

Do you have any animal friends? : )

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