The Man Behind the Pink Driver

Congratulations to Gerry ‘Bubba’ Watson, Jr., winner of the 2012 Masters Tournament. I admit, I didn’t know much about Bubba Watson prior to the Masters, but the more I see of him, the more I like him. The self-taught, General Lee driving, member of boy band The Golf Boys, pink driver hitting golfer is incredibly lovable.

As for the pink club? It’s to raise money for charity- Ping, his sponsor will donate $300 for the first 300 drives that he launches over 300 yards in 2012. And Watson’s average drive is 313.1 yards. Still want to make fun of that pink club?

As for Watson’s outfits, pink in those too and always sleek. At the Masters Watson wore four white ensembles to raise money for Fresh Start, a California-based organization that offers cosmetic reconstructive surgery for children with physical defects, according to his agent, Jens M. Beck.

Here’s hoping Watson is smiling and having a great time with his wife and newly adopted son Caleb…oh, and that new jacket of his. He deserves it.



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