World’s Oldest Model Poses For A Cause

Daphne Selfe, 83-years-old, is a rare gem. First of all, to still be modeling at her age is unheard of, with most careers over by the age of 30. Selfe is definitely old school (no pun intended). The natural beauty has never had any type of plastic surgery or Botox and barley even uses skin cream (except for the occasional Boots). Selfe comes from a time when all models had proper training and dressed eloquently at all times. As for models today?
“They don’t look in the mirror, do they? I do think women are too sloppy these days. No matter where I was going, I had a hat, and matching bags and shoes. Like all girls in those days I made the most of my own clothes. Not like models today, who seem to wear skinny jeans between shows. I always wore a roll-on corset. Never leggings! Just dreadful!” [Daily Mail Online]

But, like every woman, Selfe has her insecurities. Selfe posed in a replica of the Madonna cone bra by Jean Paul Gaultier for Oxfam’s Big Bra Hunt.

“It’s these, you see,’ she says, rubbing at the brown speckles.‘So dreadful, which is why I normally wear long sleeves. My body is OK when I lie down, it settles rather. But, hey, what the hell, it was all for a good cause.” [DMO]

The Big Bra Hunt aims to collect bras for women who cannot obtain them.

“Oxfam’s Bra Amnesty aims to collect at least one million bras in April with some being sold in Oxfam’s shops in the UK but many more will be sold by women in West Africa – where bras are hard to come by and the money raised will make a real difference in poor communities.”

“British women are guilty of hoarding nearly £1.2 billion worth of bras that they don’t wear.*  The average woman has nine bras in her collection (spending on average £16 per bra) but leaves a third (3) of these bras unused.” []

A beautiful woman doing beautiful things.

“I would never have made it starting out today,’ she admits. ‘I was too short, just 5ft 7in, with wide shoulders from all the riding I did as a young girl. But no one ever asked me to lose weight. Rationing was in place until 1954, so you were always grateful to get good food.”

Above and below: Selfe in her early years.

“I tell her I wish a magazine would be brave enough to put her on the cover. She says: ‘I met Nicholas Coleridge not long ago. (Coleridge is the publisher of Vogue, Vanity Fair, Tatler and Easy Living.) I asked him, “Will I ever get on the cover of Vogue?” And he said: “Darling, you just won’t sell.” 

Photos and Quotes: Daily Mail Online

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