2012 Billboard Music Awards

(Pittsburgh’er!) Wiz Khalifa

Alicia Keys looking glamorous

Carly Rae Jaspen looked nice but I’m so sick of that song already!

Carrie Underwood looked lovely, but a little too over the top

Chrissy Teigen rockin’ the peplum

Jordin Sparks looked nice in lace

Juilanne Hough in what appears to be a bedazzled towel

Katy Perry. Eh, I’m SO over her hair and bored with the dress

Miley Cyrus, I know you’ve been working out but put some clothes on!

Natasha Bedingfield–love the color

Taylor Swift looked fantastic in Elie Saab

Usher–not so sure about that color

The Wanted looking very dapper

Zoey Deschanel looking…very Zoey Deschanel

Brandy. Love the curls!

Nelly Furtado, not my favorite look

Photos: Getty

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