Robin Gibb Through the Years

What is going on? We’re losing so many musical greats, and now it’s Robin Gibb. Sorry, but disco didn’t die and I love it…go ahead, make fun of me. And Robin, you’ll always be staying alive in our hearts (yes, cheesy…)

The Bee Gees, circa 1963. (Credit: GAB Archive)

In the 1960’s on Top of the Pops (Credit: Getty)

Circa 1970 (Credit: WireImage)

Receiving gold records for ‘Children of the World’ album (Credit: Richard E. Aaron)

With son Spencer, 1974 (Credit: Getty)

On the set of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1977. Such. Good. Hair. (Credit: Getty)

With wife Dwina Murphy, 1980s (Credit: Redferns)

In London, 2008 (Credit: Getty)

At the 25th Rock n Roll Hall of Fame introduction, 2010 (Credit: WireImage)

Performing in Germany, 2011 (Credit: Getty)

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