Graphic Images Depict “Victims of Beauty”

Titled “Victim of Beauty,” Vasil Germanov photographed six models for a Bulgarian magazine with black eyes, torn out piercings, and burns (all of course special effects).

Many are upset over the images however, like Alison Meldrum, from anti-domestic violence charity Standing Together. “Given that violence is already skyrocketing in teen relationships, this kind of perversity masquerading as “art” is very troubling,” Meldrum said.

Others however have found a different meaning, with one reader writing “To me this is amazing!! While some may think that this glamorizes violence, I think it makes you think outside of the square to what the photographer was trying to depict. To me it says while a woman can be scarred, she can in fact still be beautiful.”

What do you think?
*Note, based on the graphic nature of the images I’ve only added one. If you wish to see the rest, click here.

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