Oscar-Winning Actress Celeste Holm Dead at 95

American actress Celeste Holm, known for her Academy-Award winning role in Gentleman’s Agreement and Oscar-nominated performance in All About Eve has died.

Holm, 95, passed away in her New York home on Sunday. Holm’s had been hospitalized about two weeks ago with dehydration after a fire occurred in actor Robert De Niro’s apartment in the same Manhattan building. While hospitalized, Holm’s had a heart attack.

Holm’s had asked her husband, Frank to take her home where she could spend her final days surrounded by family and friends.

R.I.P. to the beautiful, talented, and timeless Celeste Holm.

“We live by encouragement and die without it: slowly, sadly, angrily.”
-Celeste Holm


Images: CelesteHolm.com, sfchronicle.com

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