Blogger Interview: Crashing Red

Through the blogosphere I’ve met some really cool people. One of those people is Maria V of Crashing Red. Maria is a stylish, successful, groovy European chick who lives in Sydney (maybe one day we’ll meet face to face…it’ll give me another good reason to go to Sydney!). Check out my mini interview with Maria and be sure to go to her blog. It’s quite lovely and she’s quite the inspiration.

CAM: How long have you been blogging?
MV: 1 year and 6 months 

CAM:How do you think your blog became so successful so quickly? About how many followers do you have?
MV: I put a lot of effort in each post and only the best material makes it to the blog. I’m not sure about the exact number of followers but via various accounts about 3,000 now.

CAM: How do you connect with other bloggers and build your audience?
MV: Via Twitter, Facebook and by simply commenting on other blogs. At the very beginning networking via IFB helped a lot.

CAM: What opportunities have come your way because of your blog?
MV: First of all, attending Australian Fashion Week and meeting designers, meeting other amazing bloggers from all around the world, being invited to various interesting events and… pampering sessions ;)

CAM:Tell me a little about AFBU.  
MV: I created Australian Fashion Bloggers Union because I felt like there is a need for a space where bloggers could discuss challenges, pressures and difficult situations we face as bloggers. Because blogging isn’t that easy and there is no one out there to help us, really. So for now I set up a Facebook group which is the official community group for Australian Fashion Bloggers. The purpose of the group is to support each other, to make our blogging lives easier, as well as to grow and strengthen as a community. Its a closed group, there are no stylists, PR’s, brand managers or journalists to enable a free and open conversations between the group’s members.

CAM: How would you describe your style?
MV: Eclectic, while I love to dress up in a rather feminine way on a daily basis jeans are my uniform. Luckily I own about 15 pairs in all different colours so the opportunities for creating various outfits are endless

 Maria serving up some fierce. (Credit:


CAM: How has having a little one (congrats!) changed your blogging lifestyle? 
MV: Its all very different now as I don’t have time for myself anymore. I have no time for socializing online or in real life anymore, no time for anything basically. Still trying to get everything done but it requires enormous effort and usually I sacrifice my sleep. I guess when you see new mums walking around wearing their PJs all day long thats explains it all. Its not because they like to look like this its because baby takes up all your time.

CAM: When you’re not blogging, what could we find you doing?
MV: Doing little pretty things, you know I’m DIY is my passion :)

CAM: Anything else?
MV: I currently developing another project. It will be something completely different to but you have to wait a bit more to see what it is :)


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