My Thoughts on ‘Golden Boy’ Ryan Lochte

I’m taking a mini break from writing…to write. I apologize for the lack of posts lately, but I have been busy, and I’m sure you’re all busy watching the Olympics, which brings us to today’s topic.

Ryan Lochte. Go ahead, start screaming like little girls. But, remember this guy?

Lochte in Beijing, 2008 (Credit: Getty)

I don’t remember too many people making a fuss about him then. I’ll admit, For about a millisecond I was on the Lochte train when Phelps came in 4th and Lochte beat him in the 400m individual medley, but that quickly ended when I remembered why I didn’t like Lochte.

He’s a tool.

Trust me, I could keep going, but I didn’t want to fill up my entire first page. I respect the fact that he trains hard, but the whole having to go up there with a grill in his mouth and looking like an idiot and now his mother talking about his one night stands (classy) is ridiculous.

Michael Phelps, please stay around. I will deal with having to see your mother every two seconds and your funny under?bite, just don’t make me deal with ol’ brace face winky boy!

(Credit: Bleachrreport)

By the way, Lochte wants to go into fashion once he’s done with swimming. Can’t wait to see that.

Images: Styleite

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